Turkey Sausage Tortellini with Brussels

Almonds + Asana

How did this turkey sausage tortellini with brussels sprouts dinner come to be you ask? Well let me tell you about what happens at the end of the week….

By the end of the week, every week, I feel like I deserve to treat myself to a slightly “bad” meal – why is that!? It generally coincides with not having a set dinner plan and thus letting my mind run wild with all the delicious options out there, as opposed to when I have a plan for dinner that’s all I’m focused on. Anywho, the night before a trip I wasn’t really in the mood to do a ton of dishes and clean the kitchen after cooking but I had a hankering for tortellini and figured it might be nice to make something I could freeze and eat early next week when I get home and don’t have all my…

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