Sweet and Sour Cherry Pie

Pie Girl Bakes

After the success of this week’s cherry cobbler, I knew it was high time I made my first cherry pie.

However in typical Pie Girl fashion, I had to mix it up a bit.  Enter sour cherries.  I’ve always seen these at the market and been so in love with their bright red colour, yet I never bothered to buy them.  I thought of using a mix of sweet and sour cherries before buying but I tried a sour one at the market to be sure, and I’m actually kicking myself that I haven’t been baking with these longer.  THEY ARE DELICIOUS – sour in the best way.  I finally understand the concept of the sour Cherry Blaster candy.

IMG_9555 2IMG_9559 2

This pie has the best of the sweet and sour cherry world.  The classic sweetness of Bing cherries, made not too sweet and a bit tangy with these gorgeous ruby red…

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