White Chocolate Mocha Cookies

Leen Cuisine

Do you know how hard it is to find cookie cutters in May?

It’s extremely difficult. I guess most people relegate their cookie-cutter shopping to the months surrounding Christmas. It makes sense, but…what do you do when you really need a non-Santa-shaped cookie cutter in the summer?


Your options are either (a) spend way too much money on an overpriced bucket of cookie cutters or (b) drive to a million different stores trying to find certain shapes. I went through this ordeal last summer when I needed star-shaped ones for my American Pie recipe. I thought my only option was a gigantic bucket of mixed shapes from Bed, Bath and Beyond for $20(!!!!)—until I found a set of three star-shaped cookie cutters at Hobby Lobby for $3.

Now, I’ve learned my lesson.

If I need specialty shaped cookie cutters in the middle of May, I just say screw it and…

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