11 Quick Dinners You Can Make Right Now

Recently, my friend Dana told me that she was in a pasta rut. She’d made pasta for 3 dinners in a row and she needed something new to make for dinner, fast. Plus, it was spring and she felt like eating lighter, so she asked if I had any ideas. OF COURSE I HAD IDEAS. I wrote her a long email with some quick-hit dinner recipes she could probably make with the stuff she had in her fridge at that very moment.

This is that list. Bon appetit!

11 Quick Dinners You Can Make Right Now



Panzanella is an Italian bread salad with stuff in it, and it is the bomb. Italians use this salad to get rid of their stale bread, and you can probably make it right this minute with some of the stuff in your kitchen, as long as you have veggies of some sort + bread + dressing + cheese…

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