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Hi my friends!

How are you ?

Today I spent all afternoon to send CV, not really one of the best things to do, but absolutely necessary.

I also made a questionnaire, sent to me by a company/office to which I was a candidate, with 245 questions that I had to make in a maximum of 40 minutes: we are talking about doing the receptionist, not the scientist at NASA, in case you were wondering.

Some questions were really meaningless: one was ” If you want, Are you able to have a seductive look ?”

It seems normal? As always, we laugh to keep from crying.

As this questionnaire has left me a little bit dazed, I do not know why, I decided to do a nice thing.

I want to show to you my pink hyacinth, and with this to wish you a wonderful week, full of satisfaction and to meet on your way, always kind and helpful people.

It costs nothing to be kind, but it fills your heart, and that’s what I want to do in this article.

I hope this small gesture may please you, to me has made me happy.

Good night my amazing friends, kisses.




Salve amici miei!

Come state ?

Ho passato tutto il pomeriggio ad inviare CV, perciò non proprio una delle cose più belle da fare, ma assolutamente necessarie.

Ho anche fatto un questionario, inviatomi da una azienda/ufficio a cui mi ero candidato, di 245 domande che dovevo fare in massimo 40 minuti: si sta parlando di fare il Receptionist, non lo scienziato alla NASA, nel caso ve lo steste chiedendo.

Mah, domande davvero senza senso: una recitava ” Sei vuoi sei in grado di avere uno sguardo seduttivo ?”

Vi sembra normale ? Ridiamo per non piangere.

Visto che questo questionario mi ha lasciato un pochino così, stranito, non so il perché, ho deciso di fare una bella cosa.

Mostrarvi com’è diventato meraviglioso il mio giacinto rosa, e con questo augurarvi una bellissima settimana, piena di soddisfazioni e di poter incontrare sul vostro cammino, sempre persone gentili e che siano disposte ad aiutarvi.

Non costa niente essere gentili, ma ti riempie il cuore, ed è quello che voglio fare io in questo articolo.

Spero che questo mio piccolissimo gesto vi possa fare piacere, a me ha reso felice.

Buona notte mie stupendi amici, un grosso abbraccio.


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  1. E quanto profuma il giacinto? Io lo adoro ne ho un paio anche io in casa….
    Scusa se te lo chiedo ma “sguardo seduttivo”? Ma dovevi fare il receptionist in una casa di appuntamenti?? Qua non sanno più cosa inventarsi mamma mia 😱

    Piace a 1 persona

  2. Thank you for sharing, it is very beautiful and brought memory of a little story of pink hyacinth “rescue”.
    My husband and I bought our home last year. The weeds were tall on the side of the house, they must have overgrown an old garden at some point of time as the house was for sale for a few years. My husband has spotted some very small tulips and pink and purple plant, he didn’t know of, barely peaking through the weeds, so he send me a photo while I was at work. I immediately recognized hyacinth in the pink and purple and suggested that we need to replant them, as they will eventually get completely overgrown by aggressive weeds. Before we were able to do so, at the end of the day the neighbor came and kindly mowed over all the weeds, it was a kind gesture which was appreciated by us, but it also cut all the already weak and tiny tulips and hyacinths. So on the weekend my husband and I got to work, we were digging the whole area taking out tulip bulbs. We were guided by the photo he took, in attempt to find the hyacinth bulbs. After hour of digging we found them, two very little purplish bulbs. I grew those before and I knew how the bulbs looked like. Among them and tulips, were also daffodil bulbs as well. We replanted all the rescued bulbs in front of our house, in the flower bed we made, along with other flowers I picked out at the store. Now I am looking forward to spring for my beautiful pink and purple “rescue” hyacinths to come up. I worked on the flower bed all summer and prepared it for the winter in the fall, so flowers should come up much stronger. Photo of your beautiful hyacinth reminded me of mine. Thank you and good day to you.

    Mi piace

  3. No vabbè, non ho parole per il questionario!! Bah!!!
    Grazie per il tuo pensiero, ti auguro una settimana positiva 🙂 però così non vale eh.. lo scorso anno avevo un bellissimo giacinto blu.. mi stai facendo venire voglia di prenderne un altro 😁

    Piace a 1 persona


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