Mix and match is the flavour of the season. Be it in clothing and accessories or home decor, this concept has made a great impact everywhere. In case of choosing furniture for home, people are showing much interest in blending vintage or old school and modern furniture to create a nice and classy look. People possessing an experimental nature and a distinct taste of beauty mix and match these two styles.

Here is how you can mix and match vintage and modern furniture:

  • Buy one or two vintage pieces of furniture and you can use them as the emphasizing points in your design. Likewise, try to highlight on a small number of modern furniture pieces and then you will be able to create a look that is not so congested and is just perfect.
  • Make for an eye-catching furniture piece combining both the elements of vintage and modern furniture. This lone spectacular piece will lend a beautiful and a unified look to your home.
  • If you wish to create a unifying look, think about the colours which you want to use. Pep up your home d√©cor with the blend of modern and vintage furniture pieces make sure that both of them have a specific colour. The specific colour will help to create a unifying look.
  • Be careful in combining both the styles. Mix and match two or more styles that compliment each other. Antique pieces look really great with mid-century modern pieces.
  • Arrange for a make over session of vintage pieces as modern furniture¬†to lend them a modern and trendy look. How can you do that? It is easy. Repaint vintage furniture with vibrant but not too loud colours to give them a nice contemporary look.

This is how you can mix and match vintage and modern furniture pieces. It is interesting and should be given a try to give your home an innovative look.