One of the reasons oil is such a valuable substance is because it has so many uses. This article takes a look at many of the most popular uses for oil.


Around 3.6 million houses in the UK have no access to gas heating because they are off-grid. Heating oil is the most popular alternative method of heating a home for such people. It is estimated that over 40 per cent of off-grid homes currently use it.

Those who use heating oil have to buy every tank themselves from their choice of distributor, meaning that the price is subject to fluctuation. Home-owners are also tasked with adding the oil to their boiler manually, although is a relatively simple task. A home-owner’s choice of boiler and insulation makes a big difference to the efficiency of their home.


The flammable nature of oil makes it particularly useful in cookery. Many fried foods are cooked with the help of oil. Olive oil and sunflower oil are the most popular to use in these situations, but there are plenty of alternatives such as rice bran oil, grape seed oil or hemp oil. The taste of a meal can be greatly altered depending on what type of oil is used.


Oils are used in various hair conditioners to help porous hair to become more soft and pliable. Such oils are useful alternative to sebum, a natural oil produced by the scalp.

Amongst other uses, oil is utilised for lubrication, art and chemical feedstock. There are plenty of other uses. With such variety, it is no wonder world leaders are so keen to preserve this a finite fossil fuel.